Health Alert: 12 Overdoses in the Past 24 Hours

Public Advisory
  • At least 12 overdoses have been reported in the Guelph community over the past 24 hours (August 1 to August 2)
  • Likely to be related to fentanyl, which seems to be extremely potent
  • Dangerous opioids such as fentanyl can be found in almost any street drug

Reduce your risk of overdose

  • Carry naloxone
  • Never use alone
  • Start low and go slow (e.g., with any new purchase, start with ⅓ of a normal dose)
  • Use the Consumption and Treatment Services Site (CTS) supervised by health professionals at Guelph’s Community Health Centre

*Note: the CTS will be open every day over this long weekend, including the holiday Monday 10 AM–4:30 PM

Learn more about ways to prevent an overdose.

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