Sport and Recreation Settings

Review the provincial regulations for requirements in each Zone:

Please also refer to the Ontario COVID-19 response framework: keeping Ontario safe and open, for a summary of the regulatory requirements under each zone of public health measures and the Guidance for facilities for sports and recreational fitness activities during COVID-19 (Ministry of Health) 

WDGPH Guidance Documents

Collecting Patron Information

Ontario Regulation 364/20: Rules for Areas in Stage 3 and Ontario Regulation 263/20: Rules for Areas in Stage 2 require establishment operators to record the name and contact information of every patron that enters an establishment such as a meeting and event space, a personal service setting, facilities for sports and recreational activities, cinemas or performing arts venues, casinos and gaming establishment, tour guide services. Operators must maintain these records for at least one month.

WDGPH Section 22 Class Order

Effective 12:01 a.m. on July 17, 2020, Dr. Nicola Mercer issued an updated class order under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. An establishment falling within the scope of this Order is required to make the best efforts in respect of the requirements of the Order. In complying with the best efforts requirements, owners and operators shall not require employees or members of the public to provide proof that they qualify for any of the exemptions set out in Section 1 of the Order. Please also refer to the applicable regulation regarding provincial face covering requirements.

Persons must wear their face covering inside those establishments listed above at all times, unless it is reasonably required to temporarily remove the face covering for services provided by they establishment. For example, a person may temporarily remove their face covering while exercising or participating in an activity that requires physical exertion or an activity where a face covering may become wet. 

A person shall be exempt from wearing a face covering on the premises if: 

  • The Person is a child under the age of two (2) years; or a child under the age of five (5) years either chronologically or developmentally and he or she refuses to wear a face covering and cannot be persuaded to do so by their caregiver;
  • Wearing a Face Covering would inhibit the Person’s ability to breathe in any way;
  • For any other medical reason, the Person cannot safely wear a Face Covering such as, but not limited to, respiratory disease, cognitive difficulties or difficulties in hearing or processing information;
  • The obligation to provide reasonable accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code requires exemption from this requirement.

Resources for Sport & Rec Businesses

For further guidance, refer to the provincial or federal professional association affiliated with your business sector, if applicable