Food Premises and Events

Proof of Vaccination Requirements for Patrons - Guidance for Businesses and Organizations

Effective September 22, 2021, patrons will be required to provide proof of vaccination status to access certain businesses and settings. Provincial regulations and guidance documents to support implementation of these requirements are provided here:

Provincial Rules under the Reopening Ontario Act

Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopen is a three-step plan to safely and gradually lift public health measures.

For an overview of provincial rules currently in effect:

For detailed rules, review the regulations below. Note that all regulations include general rules applicable to all businesses and organizations, followed by additional sector-specific rules.

WDGPH Section 22 Class Order – Face Coverings

Workplace Safety Plan

Most businesses are required to have a safety plan and make it available upon request. Visit the COVID-19 response framework to determine if your business is required to have a workplace safety plan.

Screening Tools for Workplaces

All businesses and organizations are required to actively screen employees prior to entry to the workplace.

Some businesses, including food and drink establishments, meeting and event spaces, conference centres and convention centres, are also required to actively screen patrons. For further details, visit Screening Patrons - A Tool for Businesses and Organization.

Collecting Patron Information

WDGPH Guidance Documents

For further information on gathering limits, please refer to our Events and Gatherings page. 

Collecting Patron Information

Ontario resources related to food services or events

Public Health Agency of Canada

In the Workplace

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Settings

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that prior to reopening, that you have met the requirements as outlined in the information and resources provided above.   Please also be aware that Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health is unable to review individual business reopening plans.  An inspection of your facility will occur in the near future, based on risk assessments and Public Health Inspector capacity and availability as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to the volume of calls and questions we receive, we may be unable to respond to questions in a timely manner.  Please make all efforts to thoroughly review the information and resources provided above.

If, after reviewing the resources available, you have additional questions, you can contact a public health inspector at 519-822-2715 extension 4753 or