Workplace Wellness

It makes good business sense to help employees stay healthy. Workplaces with safe, healthy and supported employees have a competitive edge. A healthy workplace is one where employers and employees work together to share ideas, plan and take action to create a positive organizational culture, and a safe and healthy environment in order to achieve the best possible health for its workers and its business.

Benefits for your workplace         

  • Improved employee motivation and loyalty
  • Reduced lateness and absenteeism
  • Attraction and retention of top employees
  • Lowered error and injury rate, reduced compensation claims, less illness
  • Recognition of your company as community-oriented, which can be a valuable business asset

Read more in The Case for Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion (PDF, 11 pages, 252 kb).

Public Health can help

We’re available to discuss your workplace health needs and assist as you start and maintain a comprehensive workplace wellness program following six key steps. We can provide program and resource ideas for such topics as nutrition, physical activity, tobacco, substance misuse and mental health promotion. Call us at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 2629 to find out more.

The 2006 Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA) prohibits smoking in the workplace and in work vehicles. Our tobacco enforcement officers will inspect workplaces when there is a complaint. We also consult with workplaces that want to develop stricter tobacco policies or provide support to their employees who want to quit smoking. 

Get started

Download the Workplace Health Action Plan and follow the six steps involved in creating a healthier workplace.

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