Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Internal Risk Profile for WDGPH

A hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) is an important part of emergency preparedness and response planning. Annually, WDGPH is required to review its risk assessment to identify and rank the hazards posing the greatest risk to WDGPH staff, facilities, the community and the environment. This assessment is available in Section B. and specific plans and procedures for responding to the identified hazards are included as other Sections.

Municipal Risk Profile for Wellington, Dufferin and Guelph

The municipalities of Wellington, Dufferin and Guelph are also required to do an annual risk assessment do define their risk profile. For the entire jurisdiction, the top three hazards identified as posing the greatest risk are listed below. (A summary table listing all the hazards in WDGPH can be found in Section B.)

  • Severe weather (summer and winter)
  • Hazardous material released from a fixed or mobile site
  • A human health emergency

In the event of a human health emergency, Public Health would be the lead organization responsible for coordinating the response with healthcare professionals and the community.

Public Health would be a participating agency rather than the lead agency if the emergency was due to severe weather or a hazardous spill.