School Health Resource Guide and Calendar 2018 - 2019

A month-by-month resource of how Public Health Supports school health year round

You’ll find resources, lesson plan ideas, and activities to help keep your students healthy all year long!

Click on each month below to access important dates, resources, tips, and lesson plan ideas for the entire school year.











Download The PDF Version of the School Resource Guide and Calendar [PDF, 24 pages, 3.8 MB].

Supporting School Health

The School Health Resource Guide and Calendar includes a list of recommended resources and Public Health services to support elementary teachers and schools in creating a healthy classroom and school environment.

It can be used to support Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum instruction and school health initiatives.

For more information and support with H&PE curriculum topics, resources and school health initiatives contact our School Health Curriculum Resource Line.

School Health Curriculum Resource Line

1-800-265-7293 ext. 4111

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Follow Let’s Talk Parenting on Twitter and Facebookwhere public health nurses and staff provide resources, information, videos and moreon health topics for kids of all ages.

School Health Kits & DVDs

Public Health interactive kits and DVDs are now available for loan from your local library. To book a kit or DVD, visit the online catalogue of your nearest library.

Ophea HP&E Curriculum Resources

Curriculum-linked lesson plans, assessment tools and resources are available at

Create a login account with your school board email address.

Important Public Health Contacts for Schools: 1-800-265-7293

School Health CurriculumResource Line: ext. 4111

Information about H&PE curriculum topics and resources, and Healthy Schools.

Clinical Services 1-800-265-7393

Free and confidential sexual health services and counselling; testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and HIV; international travel advice (for a fee).

Oral Health Services ext. 2661

Information about oral health, school screeningsand publicly funded dental programs.

Tobacco Enforcement ext. 4664

Report smoking on school property.

Reportable Diseases& Outbreaks ext. 4752

Report a communicable disease or outbreak at your school; request an advisory.

Vaccinations ext. 4746

Information about vaccines required for school attendance, publicly funded vaccines and school clinics.

Let’s Talk Parenting ext. 3616

Information about pregnancy, parenting and child health.

Food Safety ext. 4753

Food safety information for planning school events (e.g. BBQ, fair).