Health Alert: 11 overdoses in the past 48 hours in the Guelph community (March 2, 2020)

Public Advisory

There have been 11 reported overdoses in the Guelph community within the past 48 hours. Two types of drugs are reported to be involved in the overdoses:

  • Rainbow-coloured Fentanyl
  • Dark Purple Fentanyl

Reports also indicate certain overdoses have required 3-4 doses of naloxone to reverse.

Please be aware that these substances may still be circulating.

Ensure you take precautions to reduce your risk of overdose.

Health Alert banner

Reduce your risk

  • Carry naloxone
  • Never use alone
  • Start low and go slow (e.g., with every new purchase, start with 1/3 of a normal dose)
  • Use the Consumption and Treatment Services Site (CTS) supervised by health professionals at Guelph’s Community Health Centre located at 176 Wyndham St. N

Get a naloxone kit

You can get a take-home naloxone kit for free from pharmacies and other agencies in the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph area. A health card is only needed if you are receiving a kit from a pharmacy. Pharmacies offer injectable naloxone only, where other sites offer nasal naloxone. Visit for a list of locations to get a naloxone kit.

Download a printable copy of the Health Alert (PDF, 1 page)