Organization Capacity

We will improve our capacity to effectively deliver public health programs and services.

Goals Objectives

Goal 1: We will implement and maintain a comprehensive and reliable information technology infrastructure.


IT Infrastructure: refers to the hardware, software, network, resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an agency-wide IT environment.​

Develop agency infrastructure to ensure an integrated systems approach to IT.

Goal 2: We will promote and support the psychological health of staff. Develop framework to promote and support psychological health and mental well-being of staff.
Goal 3: We will improve internal communications, reduce silos and enhance collaboration across the organization. Improved organizational effectiveness.
Goal 4: We will support a work culture of continuous learning. Develop an agency-wide strategy for continuous learning that incorporates both agency supported and self-directed opportunities.
Goal 5: We will implement processes for continuous quality improvement to improve organizational capacity. Programs and services integrate continuous quality improvement (CQI) into their work.