Building Healthy Communities

We will work with communities to support the health and well-being of everyone. 

Goals Objectives

Goal 1: We will enhance our understanding of the local needs and priorities of the communities we serve and develop programs and services in response to those needs.

Identify and implement a systematic approach to ensuring the regular review of relevant data and its use in program planning.

Goal 2: We will engage and establish meaningful relationships with community partners that promote healthy environments.


Healthy Environments: Work to create healthy environments aims to foster health promoting environments where we live, work and play.  It addresses at least one of four (4) different facets:

  • the social dimension: the ways in which norms, customs and social processes affect health;
  • the political dimension: policies and regulations set out by governments and organizations that can impact health;
  • the economic dimension: requires a distribution of resources (e.g., financial incentives or disincentives) and the use and availability of technology for the achievement of health;
  • and the physical dimension: physical settings, infrastructure, and processes to support health.

Identify opportunities to increase, establish and/or enhance community partner relationships.

Develop/adopt and implement a tool to measure effectiveness of parnerships and collaborations.

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