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A power failure can make food unsafe to eat. Without proper refrigeration or freezing, bacteria can grown and make you sick.

Reduce your risk of food poisoning with these tips:

  • Keep your freezer and fridge doors shut to maintain the cold temperature inside
  • A full freezer keeps food frozen for about 2 days. A half-full freezer keeps food frozen for 1 day.
  • A fridge keeps food cool for 4-6 hours without power.
  • If you have prescription medication stored in the fridge, call your healthcare provider to find out how to store it properly.

For a list of foods to throw out after two hours or more and more food safety tips, download our fact sheet: Food Safety During a Power Failure (PDF, 2 pages).

Enter the wouldurather contest for a chance to win cash prizes. All eligible contestants can get a free, 8-week supply of nicotine patch or gum. The contest is open to:

  • Registered students at publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Ontario wouldurather campaign image
  • Non-students between the ages of 18-29

There will be winners in each of these four categories:

  • Quit For Good: Regular smokers pledge to quit smoking and remain smoke-free
  • Keep The Count: Regular smokers pledge to reduce their smoking by 50%
  • Party Without The Smoke: Regular or social smokers pledge to refrain from smoking when drinking alcohol
  • Don't Start & Win: Non-smokers or ex-smokers pledge to continue to be smoke-free

Registration is open until January 26, 2014. The contest runs from January 27 to March 10.

More information:

The OPP and our partners at Wellington County have teamed up to produce four short videos about safe driving.

Mennonite road safety video (45 seconds)
Share the road with buggies safely.

Impaired driving (43 seconds)
Impaired driving is predictable, preventable, and expensive.

Aggressive driving (48 seconds)
Aggressive driving is a leading cause of serious collisions in Wellington county.

Distracted driving (33 seconds)
Distracted driving kills.

More information: County of Wellington YouTube channel

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