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Check Before You Choose

Access inspection results online at"Check Before You Choose" wordmark

We’ve made some changes to the way the public can access inspection reports. We call this a “disclosure system”.  Through a public survey the public told us they want to see reports, regardless of the results, on our website or posted at food establishments. Most operators that responded said they would be willing to voluntarily post the results so that staff and customers can easily see them. 

We heard concerns from operators who are worried the public may not understand inspection results.  We will work to address these concerns by incorporating education about food safety and inspections into the disclosure system.   

Aside from the surveys, our development process included consultations with other health units, database quality assurance specialists, staff training, and education for food establishments. In September 2012, public health inspectors visited high and moderate risk food establishments to provide operators with information about safe food handling and the online reporting system. They distributed the Check Before You Choose operator information guide which contains information about the inspection process and the disclosure website.

All food premise inspection reports from after September 30, 2012 are now posted on

Benefits of a disclosure system

Disclosure systems have benefits for both the public and food operators. The system is intended to improve food safety standards and increase public awareness of food safety, public access to information, and transparency of inspections. Research has shown that disclosure increases compliance with food safety standards. Increased compliance may than decrease the risk of food-borne illness.